Garrett General Purpose Traction Engine 7NHP No33442

Built by Garrett of Leiston in 1919 it was dispatched by rail on 13th of August to Mr H.H Baylis of Hatford Manor near Farinndon in Oxfordshire. The engine was sold through Garrett agents T Baker of Compton, Berkshire.
The original order was for 7 nominal horse power single cylinder spring mounted traction engines with winding drum including 50 yards of 5/8 inch wire rope, fitted with an injector for maintaining boiler water levels (£16/4s/0d extra) and finished in standard green. The total cost including discounts and optional extra injector was £976/10s/0d. Mr Baylis’ name was to be on a brass plate fixed to the smoke-box door. Included in the price were the services of Garrett’s Demonstration driver for a week to train the local men. All major builders offered this service.
The Garrett was used for driving a threshing machine and hauling trailers. In 1943 it passed to a second owner, Wilcox & Frost, a hay marchants of Witney. The use of traction engines declined after 1945 when they were replaced by tractors such as the Field-Marshalls, examples of which are also preserved at Bredgar. The engine ended its working life relegated to steam heating greenhouses at Brize Norton.
In 1964 on passing into preservation it was named ‘King of the Road’ & ‘Caroline’ by various owners. Mr Baylis has confirmed it carried no name during its working life.
The engine came to the Bredgar & Wormshill Light Railway in 1988. Some restoration work was carried out in 1989 but in 1991 a full overhaul was undertaken with a new fire-box, boiler barrel and tubes. Boiler work was done by Bicknells of Liphook and the engine was then rebuilt at Bredgar.

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