No.1 Glyn Valley

No.1 Glyn Valley


In 1980/81 the BWLR bought four 3½ cubic yard tip wagons built by WG Allen & Sons (Tipton) Ltd. They were 10’6″ long, had a wheelbase of 4’0″ with 15″ diameter wheels running in 2½” diameter roller bearings. These were rebuilt to make two coaches based on the Glyn Valley Tramway coaches now running on the Talyllyn as Nos 14 & 15.
The BWLR livery at that time was chocolate and cream. A few years later one was glazed (including the traditional window strap), fitted with seat cushions and repainted in the now standard BWLR livery of maroon with cream above the waist, cream lining, maroon lettering and black ironwork. The other 4w coach (which had square axle box castings) was converted to a workshop/generator van and repainted in battleship grey. In 1993 the latter was sold to the Old Kiln Railway in Hampshire where it has been renovated.

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