No6 Tumblehome

No6 Tumblehome

No6 Tumblehome

This coach was designed by one of our group – Steve Tompson and construction started in Oct 2004. It made its debut public run on Easter Sunday, 16 April 2006.
Everything has been built on site except for the bogies. As with our previous coach, No.5 The Open Coach, the 2 foot gauge bogies are from the South African Railway.
This is another veranda ended coach but with tumblehome sides just to make the construction that little bit more difficult for our carpenter. The roof internally is of two tone narrow tongue and groove planking. The seating is provided by benches running the length of the carriage, which is fully glazed. It is finished in the railway’s maroon colour with yellow lining.
All chassis work, metal veranda ends and gates were the work of our welder and the brake work and handle made by one of our engineers.

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