Lady Joan

Lady Joan

Lady Joan

In 1870 the Hunslet Engine Co Ltd of Leeds constructed their first narrow gauge engine ‘Dinorwic’, a diminutive 1 ft 10 3/4 in (578 mm) gauge 0-4-0 saddle tank for the Dinorwic Slate Quarry at Llanberis. It was the first of twenty similar engines built for the quarry and did much to establish Hunslet as a major builder of quarry engines.
Lady Joan was one of the two locomotives built in 1922 (works number 1429) to design known as the ‘Port Class’, specifically for shunting at Port Dinorwic on the Menai Straits.
Originally designated ‘No 1’ it was named Lady Joan in 1930 and then reverted to ‘No 1’ in the 1950s. In 1961 the engine was modified at Gilfach Ddu workshops at Llanberis for use within the quarry. The work included removal of the cab, fitting wooden dumb buffers, removal of the handrail around the chimney and restoration of the standard chimney (a 12 inch taller one had been fitted at some time before this). In 1967 it was sold for preservation and worked a number of locations including Woburn Abbey and Whipsnade Zoo. It is now privately owned and kept at the BWLR and it is a frequent performer on open days.

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