No10 Zambezi

No10 Zambezi

No10 Zambezi

The Sena Sugar Estates in Mozambique extended over a vast area and employed tens of thousands of workers. One of the first sugar mills was at Mopeia and had an unusually small gauge railway of 50 cm (1 foot 7 5/8 inches) and was used to transport cane from the fields to the mill.
A number of steam locomotives were ordered from John Fowler of Leeds and the first was delivered in 1898. At least six others followed, this locomotive being the fourth. No 10 is an 0-4-2 tank built in 1912 (works number 13573). Some of these locomotives were eventually transferred to another mill at Marromeu where they were re-gauged to 60 cm (2 foot) but our loco stayed at Mopeia where it worked until about 1965. As can be seen from the large bunker in front of the cab Zambezi burns wood not coal. In addition to the usal injectors for feeding water into the boiler Zambezi has a steam pump which can be seen mounted on the front left hand side of the smokebox.
The Sena Sugar Estate mills and plantations were destroyed during the civil war in Mozambique in the 1970s. No 10 came to the BWLR with Limpopo in 1998 and required re-gauging and a new boiler before returing to service in 2011.

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