No7 Victory

No7 Victory

No7 Victory

French farmer and engineer Paul Decauville owned a large estate at Petit Bourg near Paris where he grew sugar beets. In 1875 Decauville devised a portable narrow gauge railway system to assist with the harvest. Following the success of the railway he marketed his system throughout the world for use on plantations and estates. In 1882 Decauville started to manufacture locomotives at Petit Boug. In 1897 he built two 0-4-2 tank locomotives works numbers 246 and 247, which were shipped to Queensland for use in the rapidly developing sugar industry. Named Victory in 1897, No.246 first worked at Invicta Mill near Bundaberg which had been built by the sugar pioneer Frederick Buss. ‘Frenchy’ as the engine became known, worked at two other mills before it was retired in the 1940s. After being bought by an Australian enthusiast No.246 went on to work at a theme park in Canberra. Victory came to Bredgar in 1996 where it underwent an extensive rebuild including a new boiler before returning to use in 2006.

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