No8 Helga

No8 Helga

No8 Helga

Helga is an 0-4-0 well tank built by Orenstein & Koppell of Berlin, in 1936 (works no.12722). It was owned by Carl Brandt, a contracting company in Bremen and worked on a number of large construction sites in North Germany until 1957.
This powerful 0-4-0 was rescued from Bremen, by the late Alan Bloom in 1969 for use on his Nursery railway at Bressingham in Norfolk. The long wheelbase and overall weight of the loco proved a problem at Bressingham so it was relegated to reserve engine and only saw service occasionally.
In 1973 it was sold to the Brecon Mountain Railway in Wales where the running gear was overhauled. In 1999 the loco was purchased by the BWLR, arriving here as a large semi constructed kit of parts, but without a complete boiler. Since then a new boiler has been constructed and the loco returned to service in 2011.

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