Stations on the line

Warren Wood

Warren Wood Station complex, the main line disappears into the distance, the passing loop goes to the left of the Island Platform and a siding to the right into the Goods Stock Shed.

To the left of the line is the Main Station Building and on the Island Platform a platform canopy.

Both these structures, as with all the wooden buildings on the line, were built by the group of enthusiasts themselves.

Beyond the Island Platform is the Warren Wood Signal Box, with three of the signal posts visible.

All Points and signals for Warren Wood are operated from here via the seven lever frame. The signal posts were also made on site to the railway’s own design.

Chalk Hole Fall

Leaving the Warren Wood Station behind the track descends the bank and a tight radius right hand curve to follow a line of trees on its left hand side.

To the right across the field is the entrance to a small disused chalk quarry.
This chalk quarry or ‘hole’ gives its name to the Halt at half distance along the line.

Stony Shaw

Here there is a passing loop and a siding which gives access to the Goods Shed, its decorative canopy overhanging the siding. On the left is Stony Shaw Signal Box with its nine lever frame used to control all the Station’s signals and points.

The station building is on the platform to the right of the loop and to the rear of the station is a picnic area which in Spring is surrounded by a sea of bluebells.

Beyond the station is the end of the wood and the end of the line.