Signal boxes

Warren Wood Signal Box

Warren Wood, the main signal box of the railway houses the lever frame that operates the loop points and signals at this station.

The signalman has a telephone connection with the signal box at Stony Shaw Station which is at the end of the line, 3/4 of a mile away.

He also has radio contact with the signalman at Swanton Street Crossing at the other end of the line in the main car park.

Leaving Warren Wood the train passes the signal box where you may see the signalman hand the driver the single line token.

This token gives the driver the authority to proceed to Stony Shaw and ensures that there is only one train on the single line.

As the train passes over a level crossing, the speed must be carefully controlled as the line descends steeply and turns sharply to the right before the ground levels off to run alongside the woods.

Stony Shaw Signal Box

As you approach Stony Shaw Station, on the left is Stony Shaw Signal Box with its nine lever frame used to control all the Station’s signals and points.

The signalman has a telephone connection with the signal box at Warren Wood, which is middle station on the line, 3/4 of a mile away.

The train stops at Stony Shaw for about five minutes while the engine is uncoupled and runs round to the other end of the train and couples up for the return journey, although on some open days the engine is changed over here.

Many passengers break their journey here for a picnic and return on a later train. There are several wooded walks and places to picnic near the station, but please do not walk along the track as the train service is frequent. Once everyone is on board the signalmen passes the line token to the loco driver, the signal is set and the guard blows the whistle and the train sets off for Warren Wood.

Swanton Crossing

Swanton Crossing was initially set up to guard where the railway line crosses the main driveway into the railway.

Now that visitor traffic is directed into the top end of the car park on Open Days and the main driveway is blocked off, there has been no need to have a crossing guard facility.

The hut has now been moved up to the single point on this section, by the trackside point lever.

Although on the face of it this seems a very simple area to control, it does get quite complicated when we run three passenger train services with engine change overs at this end.

Signalled by flags and a whistle with radio contact with Warren Wood signal box, this token operated section can get quite busy at times.

There may be future plans to add an extra siding along with a small platform and simple lever frame, maybe even a fully featured signal box to help with Open Day operations and turn round trains quicker. This will also provide a drop off at the carpark for those wishing to save the walk from Warren Wood the current end if ride drop off point.