Workshop update 15 June

The last couple of weeks have been busy around the workshop after the June open day. Firstly the cleaning of the locos and doing any maintenance jobs on them, with only one small issue with one of Eigiau's injectors, which was tracked down to the clack valve seat not sealing correctly.

After doing the the dirty jobs, fire box, ash pan and tubes the general cleaning starts, such as bodywork and all the copper and brass parts. Another important job is the weed killing train which had a run out over the line, and also the coal at the The Warren was replenished from the stored wagon load at Stony Shaw.

Preparations for a boiler inspection have started on the rusty portable engine that's in the loco shed, it involves mostly removing the various doors to gain access to the inside of the boiler.

Helga's overhaul has taken a step forward with the boiler having a small fire in it to check the recent work done on it, only steamed to a low pressure but it is looking good.

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