Workshop update 17 February

The last few weeks in the workshop have been quite busy with a private hire for a group from Swanley, boiler testing, Fire engine work and coach lighting.
The private hire which was a driver experience for quite a large group of model engineers using Katie and Victory, it was a very enjoyable day for all concerned.
In the shed we now have Helga back as she has passed her steam test after the 10 year overhaul, also with Zambezi passing her hydraulic test she won’t be far behind.
Four other engines are undergoing cold examinations in readiness for the yearly steam tests.
Various maintenance jobs have been done on the track work to prepare for the start of the season, track packing, cleaning and oiling points and signal boxes, leaf clearance and some signal cable replacements.
The fire engine after a couple of outings is having some work done on its air systems, with some replacement tanks and valves, and some new LED lights.
Work is slowly progressing on fitting the lights on one coach.
As ever Bobby was keeping a close eye ensuring everything was up to standard.

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