Workshop update 7 June

Progress in the workshop has changed direction with a couple of unplanned jobs.

The first one is to replace the exhaust pipes on Lady Joan, as we found some extensive corrosion on one in the base of the smokebox just above the concrete seal. Luckily we had some spares in stock which required some machining to size. Removing the concrete sealing layer was a dirty job which didn't take long, but with the job progressing well the new ones should be fitted soon.

Over the 40's weekend Katie developed a steam leak from the right hand cylinder, and on investigation we found that the gasket on the rear cylinder cover had failed.

With most things on any steam engine, getting to the problem isn't easy, so after removing most of the valve gear, con rod, crosshead, slide bar, both cylinder covers and one brake shoe we finally got to the gasket, which had split through.
With both cylinder covers off we have also taken the opportunity to inspect the piston and bore, which looks to be in fairly good condition, so with just over a year to go on the boiler ticket before the 10 year overhaul we don't expect any issues once new gaskets are fitted.

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