Workshop update 1 December

This week we reattached the cab on Helga, it was retrieved from the field which has been its home for the last couple of months.
It has not been finally fixed down as we had a list of jobs that needed to be completed in readiness for the Santa weekend, which is approaching very quickly.
Next on the list was the continuing reorganisation of the loco shed with Lady Joan brought back into the shed, placing the two locos that will be used over the two days of the event, in positions that are easy to get at and allow access for final cleaning.
Eigiau's whistle was removed to allow a bit of maintenance to be carried out, which didn't take long and was refitted and given a bit of a polish up as well.
On Coach No 6 which is still in the loco shed, we completed the wiring for the new lighting and turned it around to allow completion of painting on the under frame.
Lastly we did some more cleaning on Katie and Victory and as you can see, lots of shiny bits especially Katie's cab roof.
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